Going Green

Going Green

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Go green with our trio of scented, blended, and house green teas.

It's like a three-course meal in a box!

Snapdragon & Thistle Green

Also known as Green Mao Jian, this delightful green tea is grown and produced in Tao Yuan in the Hunan Province of China.

The long dark green leaves offer a light, fresh flavor with hints of apple and leave a lingering sweetness after each mouthful. 

Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls

This delicate green tea has a characteristically sweet, floral flavor.

Free from natural and artificial flavors, the leaves are layered in between trays of jasmine blossoms and hand-rolled into pearls.  


With a base of sencha green tea, these leaves are combined with popped and toasted rice pieces. 

This Japanese green offers warm toasted flavors in contrast to the grassiness of the sencha leaves.

Accompanied by one box of T-sacs.

Why Choose Us?

Tea is a social yet personal pleasure and our goal is to enhance the drinking experience by sharing our love and knowledge of tea.

As our business grows and continues to evolve, we continue to focus on sustainability and the environment in order to offer a convenient, compostable, and eco-friendly way to brew your tea."

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