Caffeine Free Kit

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Herbal tisanes and decaffeinated teas don't have to mean "boring", quite the opposite and this caffeine-free kit proves just that.

We've curated an assortment of the best caffeine-free herbal tisanes and teas that offers a mouthwatering variety but without the buzz.

Included is a tea scoop and biodegradable tea bags to provide you with all the accessories you need from start to finish.

Turmeric Cranberry Delight

With a flavor explosion of sweet and spicy, this unique caffeine-free tisane takes you on a flavor journey leaving a pleasant, herbal aftertaste.  A great choice to break up the caffeine flow!


With its potent and unmistakable aroma, the refreshing peppermint taste is suitable for any time of day and doubles up as an effective stomach settler.  

Lemon Sunset

This citrusy rooibos combination is a winner both hot and iced.  With an authentic tangy lemon flavor and a mild tartness, it makes for a light, refreshing summer drink.


Why Choose Us?

Tea is a social yet personal pleasure and our goal is to enhance the drinking experience by sharing our love and knowledge of tea.

As our business grows and continues to evolve, we continue to focus on sustainability and the environment in order to offer a convenient, compostable, and eco-friendly way to brew your tea.