Self Care with Tea

Self Care with Tea Subscription Box

Self care isn't a ''treat", it's a necessity.


What better way to take care of yourself than to blend your love of tea with loving yourself? 

Self Care with Tea is a quarterly subscription box delivered to your door filled with seasonal tea themed products to support you and your wellbeing. 

The combination of being intentional with your tea drinking, creating a sensory experience, and journaling becomes so much more than a beverage, it nourishes the soul.


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The summer box includes:

1 1oz  bag of Snapdragon & Thistle Hibiscus Punch Rooibos (caffeine free)

1 1oz  bag of Snapdragon & Thistle Cucumber Lime Oolong (medium caffeine)

1 silicone ice cube tray

1 crystal tea infuser (quartz, tiger eye, or amethyst)

1 sticker ~ a mental health reminder

1 introductory postcard (artwork may vary)