Why WithAll?

Why WithAll?

In February 2020, I decided to share my story of living with, entering treatment (at the Emily Program), and continued recovery from an eating disorder that survived 29 years unaccounted for. 

From purging on exercise to restricting and binging, I tested my body beyond its limits. The severity of its ever changing nature was largely based on how out of control I felt, the external validation I so desperately sought, and the core belief that my appearance and weight would determine how worthy of a person I was. 

On reflection, in the stage of recovery that I'm at, I recognize that my eating disorder served a purpose during those years and dysfunctionally protected me and kept me safe when I couldn’t do that for myself.

I’ve met many inspiring people who have walked a similar path and others who’ve dedicated their lives to making a difference in the lives of those who struggle to manage their own.

I have an incredible team at the Emily Program who have taken care of me (and continue to) these last three years. They’ve kept me afloat in my darkest moments and continue to do so as I move forward with my recovery.

If it wasn't for organizations like WithAll (formerly the Emily Program Foundation), countless people living with eating disorders wouldn't get the help and support they so desperately need. 

And so with that, I introduce WithAll...


Who We Are

We are a nonprofit working with individuals and partners to empower eating disorder prevention and increase support for recovery, providing simple and accessible tools that help people act.  Whether on proactive paths or in crisis moments, we provide services and resources to help all create and recover health.

WithAll’s Financial Assistance Program to Support Eating Disorder Recovery

We provide Financial, living-expense grants to help those with financial need who also need to focus on intensive eating disorder treatment to recover from a life-threatening eating disorder. 

Living expense needs for which grants are sought include funds to pay for groceries to follow treatment meal plans; transportation costs; utility bills; rent during treatment; and childcare expenses.

In FY20, we served 130 people (a 30% increase from our last fiscal year).


WithAll’s "What to Say" Program

As adults, we want to protect and nourish the health and positive self-concept kids are born with, because the alternative can have devastating consequences.

At WithAll we want all adults to know the profound influence our words have in the lives of the kids that look to us as role models. We also want all adults to have at their fingertips the basic information and simple, immediately actionable guidance that will protect kids mental and physical health and promote overall well-being for years to come.

The What to Say initiative starts with a pledge. It requires 30 seconds to take this pledge, yet in so doing every adult that signs on is taking the most important step they can take to protect kids’ mental and physical health in the kids they care about: pledge to stop talking about diet and weight to and around kids.

Together, we can inspire and empower kids to develop a more complete understanding of health, and to truly believe that they are enough.

With all, with you, we will. Join us.