About Us


I’m Freya, business owner, an English transplant, traveler, wife, fur mama, and perhaps most importantly, an avid tea drinker! 

Thank you for visiting our site.

Whilst I am a one-woman band, I use the word “our” because this creation is so much more than just me.  There are many super talented friends and family who have provided inspiration and worked hard on different aspects of this venture in their spare time, so it really is their baby too.

The business concept was born when my hubby and I tied the knot in 2016 and I made customized tea bags as wedding favors.

Creativity has always been a passion.  When I was young, I could be found drawing, reading, dancing, writing, playing the clarinet or playing outdoors.  My choice of future vocations reflected that; dancing, working in theatre and television, teaching variations of art amongst others - but all have given me the freedom for my imagination to run wild.

Having made those personal wedding favors, not only did I think I could pursue this as a business, but how better to live than to wake up each morning and do what you love for work?    

So, flip on the kettle, sit down and enjoy a satisfying cup of one of Snapdragon & Thistle’s teas.