South African Tea Kit

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Rooibos, is a decaffeinated red tea, predominantly grown in Cederberg, South Africa.  This tea often goes by the name "red tea" or "redbush tea".

This kit is filled with our three rooibos blends that are exceptional iced.  Accompanied with a tea scoop and self seal tea bags, this makes iced tea a breeze to prepare.

Hibiscus Punch

This moreish rooibos blend is a mouthwatering combination of sweet and sour.  The tartness of the hibiscus is offset by the sweetness of the raspberry and provides a smooth lemon aftertaste. 

Lemon Sunset

This citrusy rooibos combination is a winner both hot and iced.  With an authentic tangy lemon flavor and a mild tartness, it makes for a light, refreshing summer drink.

Peaceful Pear

This delicate blend of chamomile, lemongrass, rooibos and more, is unexpectedly aromatic.  The combined ingredients create a calming pear flavor with a watermelon aftertaste.

Why Choose Us?

Tea is a social yet personal pleasure and our goal is to enhance the drinking experience by sharing our love and knowledge of tea.

As our business grows and continues to evolve, we continue to focus on sustainability and the environment in order to offer a convenient, compostable, and eco-friendly way to brew your tea.