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  • Liz

    Hullo! I have been introduced to your site by a co-worker who is a friend (Ashleigh) of yours. I love tea although I am an amateur compared to you! My daily cuppa is usually a one to one blend of Taylor’s Yorkshire Gold and Murchies #22 Blend (Murchies is a long-time British Columbian coffee and tea shop). Anyway, I would like a little more information. I hear from Ashleigh that you have a Black Friday Sale on selected teas. Given the exchange rate between Canadian and US money that is good news! The teas I am interested in (both for myself and as gifts at our annual Christmas Sunday Lunch for Friends, which this year is on December 15th) are English Builders, To a Wild Rose, Rosalind’s Tranquility, Pomegranate Green and Winter Warmer. Not sure if those are all available at 50% off or available period but I am hoping they are. Also, we have a post box in the US (in Ferndale WA) but it would probably be more convenient to have the teas shipped to me in BC. Obviously the customs hit must be considered, but mostly I am concerned as to whether I’d receive the teas before December 13th, especially if I am waiting to place my order on November 29th. If you can let me know which of the teas I like are going to be on sale, what the cost of a 3 oz bag of each of them would be and whether, with an order placed on the 29th, they’ll arrive in BC by December 13th, I would be super grateful. Cheers! Liz LeGrice

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