Tea Reviews

We're excited to introduce our tea reviews.  We've hunted for tea lovers far and wide who are well versed in the flavors, versatility, and components of the luscious leaf. They bring you their honest opinions of what to expect from our teas. 

Reviewed this week are Snapdragon & Thistle Green, Milk Oolong and our Lemon Sunset rooibos blend. 

Click on the link below to be whisked away to their website to read more.

"As I continue my journey in my discovery of all things tea I have found some amazing people on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook that love tea as much as me. I wasn’t sure that was even possible! One of them is Snapdragon and Thistle. I was so excited when I received an Instagram message from them asking if I would like to review a tea. What is a tea lover to do?  I replied..." 


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