Reviews: Afternoon Tea - Ritz Carlton Montreal

Happy New Year!

We kick start the 2019 blog off with our now to be monthly, afternoon tea review.  

But first, a little background.

My sister and I love to travel, between us over the years we've covered Africa, Europe, Oceania, North America, and Asia - if you count a layover in Singapore! But, of course, having explored and discovered parts of the world, falling in love is inevitable, both literally and figuratively.  Somewhere along the line, as we moved to our respective country's, we had to sacrifice being able to pop round the corner for a catch-up and a cuppa. However, it always makes for exciting holiday destinations and at the end of 2018, I went to visit my sister and her clan in Montreal. 

I managed to sniff out a good spot downtown Montreal for us to try an afternoon tea. My niece Holly, managed to squeeze in writing a review for the blog in between completing her school assignments.

Thanks, Holly!


The Ritz Carlton

A few weeks ago, I went to the Ritz Carlton in Montreal with my mom and aunt for the first time and it was lovely.

As my tea, I chose Perfectly Pear, a white tea which was delicious and could even be re-steeped.   

The food we were served was delicious with the scones and the roast beef finger sandwiches standing out in the best possible way. They even had a gluten free option which was just as tasty as the one with wheat.

I certainly enjoyed my experience at the Ritz Carlton.  The waiters were very polite as well.  I would highly recommend going to the Ritz Carlton for afternoon tea as it's definitely an experience you will never forget.

- Holly Mace






This was definitely one of the best afternoon teas I have enjoyed in North America.  The ambiance was quiet and relaxed and the decor was quite stunning.  The chandeliers and the general design in the seated area gave it a slight art deco feel. 

The service was excellent. There was always a server close by to request extra hot water, the crockery was removed swiftly and they were attentive and polite but not overly so.  We didn't feel rushed, even after we had paid we continued to finish our tea and weren't aware of any staff concerns for later reservations; there was no subtlety trying to speed diners up. Overall it was a super experience and we all would highly recommend a visit!




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    Looks stunning! Must head north for a visit!

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