Purple Day & Purple Tea - Raising Awareness for Epilepsy

Happy Purple Day!

Today is the day of recognition for epilepsy.  In keeping with the color which is associated with the condition, what could be more appropriate than reviewing the up and coming Kenyan purple tea?

Thank you to our friends over at Refresh Tea & Soap Co., who were kind enough to send over a sample of these leaves for us to cup here in the office. 

If I had to choose a favorite type, black tea has my heart having grown up in the UK; however, green tea is a close second.  With that in mind, I find this Kenyan purple tea has characteristics of each, which is perfect as it covers both bases.

The flavor is reminiscent of a green tea with its very mild but unobtrusive vegetal tones.  When hot, those are more prominent.  In addition, there is a sweetness to it that I couldn’t quite pinpoint.  

As the tea cooled, the essence of plum emerged, which clarified the sweet edge that I had tasted.  It is well-balanced and none of the flavors are overwhelming, as some teas and tisanes can be.  Of course, steeping time and how much water/tea is used affects the strength of flavor.  I’ve certainly had my fair share of tea faux pas as I've taken the first sip and my face scrunched up from the disgust and disappointment of my taste buds. 

Not forgetting the trusty black tea element, that is present in the aftertaste.  It manifests as a very pleasant sweet earthy flavor.  

As for trying it with milk, that is a personal preference but I will say this, the Kenyan purple tea is a winner by itself and is delicious hot or cold. 

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