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When I first moved to Seattle, I began writing a blog about epilepsy. (Bear with me, this is tea related!) Having lived with the condition for 36 years, I needed to connect with people who understood it, understood me, and with whom I could relate.

"It's wonderful to have support from family and friends, but unless you've lived it you can never fully understand" - if I had a dollar for every time I heard that from friends with chronic health conditions, I'd be bathing in $100 bills!

One of the most prevalent aspects of living with epilepsy is that it's a deeply isolating and terrifying condition. For many, leaving the house is challenging because of the unknown, will a seizure strike? Will someone be there to help me? Will I stay alive...? Yup, that's the reality right there.

The purpose of my previous blog was to share my experiences (warts and all) of living with the condition; to reach out to others and offer a lifeline to those affected by epilepsy both directly and indirectly.

Documenting this online was a sure fire way of reaching as many folk as possible. I felt that if I could make a difference in one person's life then I'd accomplished my goal.

So, what the devil has this got to do with tea?!

Being a Brit, tea is culturally ingrained and has provided a great deal of comfort over the years, but since 2017, I've grown to appreciate it on a whole new level.

It wasn't enough just to drink it, so I decided to study Camellia Sinensis (the tea plant) and became a certified Tea Specialist. I discovered tea's rich cultural history, delved into the plant biology, and was enlightened about the many processes which create and differentiate between the six types of tea.

It seemed only natural after developing this passion that I made it a reality and began my tea business.

It never occurred to me that there could be an added dimension to the practice of tea drinking, but I've found that it's provided a valuable means of support and as well as providing a spiritual aspect too.

I've been incorporating journaling, meditation and tea tasting in a way that allows me to be present without requiring an Om, crossed legs, or clearing the mind, which I find REALLY hard to do.

I do miss writing the epilepsy blog that I first created and decided to pick up writing this blog again but to continue in a new direction. I want to share my journey with you, chatting over tea and a biscuits, and ponder on in all aspects of life, because after all, tea is social.

So, to put it simply, this blog is not going to be a conventional business blog, I want to connect with people in a unique way that is challenging to replicate in person.

It's like having a secret, a secret that is just yours to keep and quite frankly, mine too.

Happy tea drinking,


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