Dolly's Delights - Fruit Scones

Dolly's Delights will be a regular post here on the blog and is in memory of my Nanny, Dorothy (Dolly) who, from the family stories made magic in her kitchen from very little. I’ll be sharing some of her classic recipes which can be used to accompany a delectable afternoon tea or just something yummy to have with a well-earned cuppa. 

This week I decided I couldn’t not start with an all-time English favorite, fruit scones.  They are versatile due to their success when switching up the dried fruit to other ingredients.  This creates numerous variations, both savory and sweet.

My preferred and absolutely divine way to eat them is with butter, my homemade blackberry jam and oodles of clotted cream on top.  That being said, there is an age old question which is always asked by a Brit when you are preparing and eating scones with friends: jam first and clotted cream last or clotted cream first and jam last?

The recipe itself originates from the 1950’s so the steps reflect the methods used during that time.


Fruit Scones – Makes 14-16 scones.

  1. Brush a baking sheet with butter.
  2. Turn on the oven setting to hot (425°F/220°C).





8oz self-raising flour

3 level teaspoons of baking powder

½ level teaspoon of salt


8oz of plain flour

3 heaped teaspoons of baking powder

½  level teaspoon of salt




Sieve together in a mixing bowl.


1oz butter

Cut into small pieces and rub into the flour mixture.


2-3oz of currants or sultanas or raisins (you can also mix and match).

1-2oz sugar, depending on how sweet you like them.

Stir in the fruit and sugar to the rubbed in mixture.


¼ pint (4 fl oz) of fresh milk

Add the milk to the mixture and mix together with the blade of a palette knife to form a soft dough.



Sprinkle a board with flour, turn out the dough, sprinkle with flour and knead very lightly and quickly with the tips of your fingers.


Roll out to a thickness of  ½ inch, cut into rounds with a metal cutter, and place a little apart on the baking sheet.  Press the remaining pieces of dough together, knead very lightly, roll out, and cut into rounds again.


Brush milk over the tops of the rounds.


BAKING: Shelf – second from the top. Temperature  Hot – 425°F/220°C. Time – 20-25 minutes



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